October 13, 2011

Last week we received the best news ever...we get to go to Florida again in March!
Hunter's brother Travis is getting married on March 3! I have always considered his fiance my sister-in-law, but now she will be my REAL sister-in-law! How exciting! We just went to the Keys in August and it was the best trip ever. We vacationed there right before school started and we are still talking about it to this day. We are actually still eating the fish and lobster we caught there:)
 We owe this trip to Travis and Michelle and all that they did for us! Don't you just love those people in your life who help your dreams come true?!

Looks like a pretty interesting conversation:) Brotherly love.

This little guy is the main reason we went. His name is Reef:) Perfect name for a little baby who lives right on the ocean.

Deep sea fishing. Yes..I was the captain.
Travis showing us how it's done.
Lacy and Michelle. Those fish were dang heavy.They were quite tasty too.

I wanted to hold it all by myself:)
Leigh Ann and Fred. Hunter's cute parents.
The engaged couple. CONGRATS! Lovin' Reef's face here.

Hunter caught a shark!! I was scared.

That humidity kills my hair. I'm glad he looks good.



  1. I looove that picture of you 2 and your hair is cute, can't even tell anything is wrong with it. I've never been to Florida, so I'm excited for you! Love you LJ~

  2. We went in July.... The boys had so much fun Deep sea fishing.... Can't wait to go back...


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