Home Sweet Home

October 05, 2011

I have always been kind of a homebody. I like to travel and see the world, but there is something special about walking through my front door. I will never forget my beautiful home in St. Louis, Missouri. My mom is an amazing decorator and always had our house dolled up to perfection!  It also didn't hurt that we lived right on the lake:) People loved coming over and my mom was so good at being the perfect hostess. It was my dream home and always will be!

Another place I can call home is Hunter's house from childhood. Hunter's mom (Leigh Ann) is an amazing entertainer and has set the bar high for us. She has us over every Sunday and cooks these amazing, elaborate meals. She always makes sure everyone is happy and content. Plus, there are always leftovers so we have take-out...it's better than a five-start restaurant:) I love every place I can call my home!

     It's fun to work together with Hunter to make our first place a real HOME.

I love our red bathroom. Towels from Anthropologie...one of the wedding presents from my mom!

 I am obsessed with pillows and our soft leopard print throw! I think I love buying pillows more than i love buying shoes. What has happened to me?

 Lemons to remind us of our wedding. My favorite mirror from Ross. Lamps and table from yard sales:)
                                                           I love our $50 sectional.
Vintage touches. Love our brick fireplace. Too bad we will never need to use it in the Arizona heat!

                             Love this cute little valance and our fun plates in the sink!

Welcome to our home. There is an upstairs too with our bedroom, guest bedroom, and 2 bathrooms. I love having my own closet and bathroom all to myself. We love it! We have been able to do a lot to it with just a little bit of money. Craigslist, estate sales, yard sales...it was fun decorating on a low budget:) It's also fun to look at all the amazing pictures on Pinterest of what I want my future home to look like. One day....:)

I have realized that it doesn't matter where you live....IT'S WHO YOU LIVE WITH THAT TRULY MAKES IT HOME.

Lacy Joy


  1. Lacy to super, że masz guest bedroom!!! To znaczy, że mogę Ciebie kiedyś odwiedzić!!!! To super. Z góry dziękuję za zaproszenie :)

  2. Well look at you and your adorable new blog!! I'm so excited that I can stalk your life now! :) Love you girl!

  3. Oh hello there! I do remember that class..we sat in the back corner and I would eat my lunch and sometimes fall asleep..hmm. Congrats on the marriage!

  4. It looks awesome! Making a place your home is so much fun. I think the first one is especially fun so enjoy it!

  5. You are the cutest, and I want to come visit your home :) Love you!


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