October 30, 2011


Hunter and I had our first date on Halloween of last year. He came over dressed as a golfer and we spent all night playing words games and chatting. I knew that night that there was something special about him....especially because he loved words games just as much as I did!

We failed Halloween this year. I had all these wonderful ideas for Halloween costumes and we didn't do any of them! It was challenging because most of them cost money or take time to create. We don't have money or time. Blah. We did celebrate by carving an awesome pumpkin, but it was stolen! AHH! I just hope it went to good use:) 

We had our ward Trunk or Treat on Saturday and we dressed up as cowboy and cowgirl. I love having a reason to wear my overalls:) We didn't get one picture because I was in charge of the whole party. I was in the kitchen making sure everyone got chili and fry bread..and boy was it good. We had a great turn out and it was tons of fun. Can I tell you how much being the Primary 1st Counselor is taking over my life? I love those dang kids! Next on the Primary agenda...Primary Sacrament meeting presentation.

Hunter and I don't even get to celebrate our 2nd Halloween together because I have class until 8:30p.m. and Hunter has a huge test on Tuesday a.m.. Those poor kids knocking on our door won't even get candy. I'll eat lots of candy for them:)

Here are some old Halloween pictures so I can feel like I am still celebrating...

This is when I dressed up like a troll. Remember how cool trolls were when we were kids?  This picture means a lot to me because it is with one of my besties Stephanie. She is on a mission in Independence, Missouri and I just got a letter from her. LOVE IT AND MISS HER!
This is when I dressed up as a mean Geisha. Do Geisha's smile? My brother brought this kimono home from his mission in Japan.
This is last year when my girls and I dressed up like Greek Goddesses. I love Halloween. Pretending you are someone you're not is so fun.  I HOPE EVERYONE HAS THE BEST HALLOWEEN EVER!


  1. I LOVE These posts so much!!! SO CUTE. And I miss Steph so much. I'm horrible at writing real letters - just emails! And we had SO MUCH FUN LAST YEAR! And I loved Last year. Hope all is well as Primary 1st Counselor and with school!! I Love YOU! PS - how do you do that My Blog list thing??

    PPS - What are you guys doing this weekend?? Jordan is in town. Want to play??

    PPPS - Denae and Sara both have boys now too. So we can do QUAD Date Nights with them!! LOVE YOU!!

  2. The Trunk or Treat was such a fabulous success!!!


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