White Is Soooo Your Color

October 21, 2011

I am so incredibly proud of my amazing husband. I can't believe how fast time is flying and how far he has come in dental school! Today was his WHITE COAT CEREMONY and it was so fun to take  pictures and to be his biggest fan! (along with his mom and grandma, of course) :)  I was also lucky to take some pictures of my Canadian cousin Brett who also goes to Midwestern.  Hunter is going to be the best dentist ever--just like his brother Travis.

Serious and professional Hunter
Yeah! I am so proud of you! Only 3.5 more years to go:)
My cousin Brett! Yeah! Single and handsome. Let me know if you want to date him:)

Poor Fred couldn't come because he had jury duty:(  We missed him! It was fun being with the family. Wish my parents could have been here too.

Richard, Hunter, Caleb, Brett

Our favorite hang out buddies. Hunter has made some awesome friends at school! Their wives are absolutely amazing and I am so glad we get to hang out when the the boys aren't studying!
Leigh Ann took us out for a wonderful meal at Olive Garden. My cousin Brett and Hunter's friend named Steven came too. We ate way toooo much. Thank you Leigh Ann for a wonderful meal. WE LOVE YOU.
Who wouldn't want this hunk to work on their teeth?
Yes, I made him do the squat. :) Love this picture!
I had to try on the magical white coat when Hunter wasn't looking. Looks much better on him.


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