Hunting vs. Shopping

November 14, 2011

The other day I asked Hunter, "Why do boys like hunting so much?"
He answered, "It's about the chase. Something about sneaking up on animals makes men feel more manly."

I guess I just don't understand how men hike around for a week or two looking for elk to kill, and then come back talking about how much FUN they had. Although I don't quite understand the love of the hunting game, I do love that Hunter is passionate about something!

It's incredible how much preparation goes into hunting before you actually hunt. The hunter must be aware of every small detail. They spend hours learning about the food and water source for elk in their hunting location. They also spend time getting to know their prey according to period of day and temperature. The hunter must also get to know their weapon by practicing shooting long range. Fred and Tyler went and set up cameras in their hunting location to find out where the elk are roaming. I can't imagine taking a small little bow to kill such a powerful animal.

I think men just like the challenge in all areas of their lives. They love being challenged by their job, sports, WOMEN, and apparently, really smart elk. I think that Hunter loved the chase of when we were dating. We both challenged each other, and while our courtship was easy and stable, we still challenged each other mentally and spiritually. It's all about the chase and challenge.

Hunter has a 2 week break from school, so he is hunting with his dad and brother. His dad and brother both have Bull tags (bull is what they call a male elk), and Fred already got one! The bull was 6x7 and Fred killed the bull @ 75 yards with his bow.  Look at the size of that thing. We will definitely be eating elk meat for awhile!

So....while Hunter is hunting and being a boy...

I am shopping and being a girl. I love my new necklace!

Why do girls like shopping so much? For me, shopping is kind of like hunting or watching a football game. Killing that bull or getting a touchdown is exactly like finding a good deal on a necklace or shoes. It's so much fun to be creative in accessorizing and picking out the perfect outfit for the perfect occasion. It is a release when things are stressful and it can be a celebration when things are great.

Preparation goes into shopping too! Some girls spend time looking at websites and Pinterest to see what cute new trends are out there.  Stores, locations,'s just like preparing for a hunt! I love that girls and guys are so different. If we were passionate about the same things, life could get super boring.

Why do you like shopping? Or, why do you like hunting?


  1. I hate both.

    What does that make me?

    I guess I find my challenge in 3 kids under 3.

    Love u. and your pretty necklace.

  2. I love you Andrea! You would like both if I was there to help you with your three kiddos! :)

  3. Shopping! My favorite! Especially baby clothes. Also, I love snack packs, which you seem to have in your picture.

  4. agreed. travis is very jealous of that bull (he's a bow hunter, too) and i'm jealous of that necklace. maybe hunter should come practice in porltand when he's done with school? we could probably have fun shopping while the boys are hunting.

    andrea, i think we could involve you and your hubby too. oh, and your 3 adorable kiddos, too!

  5. I want to shop with you, Liz! I would love to come to Portland. I was sealed to my parents when I was young in the Portland, Oregon temple! Love that temple! I MISS YOU SO MUCH! You have the cutest family ever!

  6. I love shopping!! Especially by myself because I can just zone out, take as long as I want, and create my own wardrobe without distractions. When you find good pieces to wear and feel comfortable in then it's easy to feel good about yourself.


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