June 17, 2012


 I honestly think about the impact my dad made on my life everyday. He is such a great man who works so hard for our little family. I think of how he taught me to work hard and to achieve great things. He provided me opportunities to travel and create memories with our family. He paid for me to go to fun sports camps, EFY, and he even financially supported my mission to Poland. He wrote me a handwritten letter everyday of my mission encouraging me to be better and work harder. He coached me in basketball and he never missed a game. He taught me a lot about balancing love and discipline. he taught me about giving and sharing all that we have. He gave me wonderful father's blessings and taught me about prayer. But most importantly, he taught me that my mom, Grandma Gibb and I are the 3 most important women in his life and that he would do anything for us. I love you so much daddy! Thank you for being the best!

 I also know my brother is an amazing father! He is so good to little Macy and Dallin and I am so happy to have him for a brother.  I love watching Gerald tuck his little kiddos into bed and listening to them read stories and pray together! Can't wait to see them in 2ish weeks in CANADA!

 I also know that Hunter turned out the way he did because of the wonderful father he has. I don't think I have ever seen Fred not serving someone! He is always going out of his way to fix broken things in our house, rescue us when we are locked out, grill us yummy meat, and to give us all his home grown vegetables. He is so willing to serve in every capacity, and I am so glad Hunter was passed on that trait:)

 I know without a doubt that Hunter will be an amazing father. I knew I wanted to marry him the first time I saw him with his nephew, Dean. He has so many amazing traits and I am so proud of him and all his hard work for our family.  He was sustained today to be the Executive Secretary for our ward. I am so proud of him and excited for him to serve. He just finished taking his boards exam on Friday and has worked so hard this past year in dental school. I love him so much and we can't wait to start a family together. Please send baby dust this way:)


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  1. I probably don't have baby dust to send but if I do it's on its way to you! I can't wait to meet the future beautiful Bennett baby :) love you Lace


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