Carnival Wedding

September 22, 2012

14 Things I have learned/still learning about marriage:

1. Communication, communication, communication-it honestly all goes back to that one word. 

2. Languages of love of are soooo important

3. How to put someone else's needs before my own (still learning this one)

4. How to cook REAL meals..thank you Pinterest:)
5. At times, marriage isn't fair. Sometimes you are spent picking up the slack while your partner is studying, working, etc. (vice versa)-I read somewhere that marriage is like being on a teeter totter-Sometimes you are up enjoying the ride and the other person is waiting at the bottom. But the best part about marriage is it is a never-ending cycle and you will always get your turn. :)

6. We can't read each other's minds! As much as you want your partner and best friend to know everything you are thinking, they never will. Yes, at times, you will think and maybe even say the same things, but you will never be in each other's heads. Let them know what you want and need. In my profession we have these things called cognitive thinking errors. "Mind Reading" is a huge thinking error where you make an assumption that other people are looking down on you, and you become so convinced that it is true that you don't even bother to check it out. Assuming happens so much in marriage--and this is why communication is key. 

7. Marriage has no medals-it's not a competition.

 8. Expect great things but don't expect perfection. 
      9. Who cares if the toilet seat is left up? (I'm lucky enough to have my own bathroom:)

    10. Costco is a great date night:) 

    11. You lose a lot of your friends when you get married:(  Well, I probably still have the friends,   but I rarely get to see them.

12. Money is dumb and you will never have enough of it. Don't let that stop you from going on adventures and traveling! MEMORIES ARE EVERYTHING! (From the girl who lovvvess crusies:)

13. Boys like to golf and watch ESPN and hunt. I don't like doing those things:) -But, I will do those things on occasion because I love my husband. 

14. Making up after you have disagreements is the best. 

I asked Hunter what he has learned about marriage and this is what he answered:

Ha. It's so true. Stinky husbands aren't any fun:)

Dear Husband,
 I love you more than I ever thought I could after a year and a half! Thanks for the carnival ride:)

Love, Lacy


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