Graduation - Eat a Cupcake!

September 27, 2012

Doesn't this cute cupcake make you want to graduate? It was probably the best cupcake I have ever had...ever.I can't tell you how good it feels to graduate the second time. Graduating from college at BYU was the best feeling ever, but graduating with my master's degree was even better than that! I have been going to school for 18 years of my life..19 if you count Kindegarten..21 if you count Preschool:) You get the point. I have been going to school for a long dang time and sometimes I feel like I haven't learned a thing:)

 Things I DID learn:
*I am NOT a procrastinator-marjority of my friends are:)
*Dining Plus is awesome
*Going to parties in sweatpants is cool (Julie)
*You are 100 times cooler if you say you're friends with a Cougarette (Alisha)
*Asleep by 3:00 am is an early night
*Sour Patch Kids during class makes the time go by faster
*5 minutes is more than enough time to get ready for your first class
*Taking basketball class every semester is vital
*A 10 page paper is a blessing..grad school I had 40+ page papers
*You learn you are a lot dumber than you once thought
*Hitch-hiking at BYU is safe
*You never thought you would share so much with people you've only known for a short time
*Printers only break when you desperately need them
*Skipping class because of the rain and worms on the sidewalk is a GREAT excuse (Sally)
*Staying in on Friday night to watch Charly and cry all night was a good decision (Andrea)
*Spontaneously going to Las Vegas at Midnight is really smart (Andrea)
*Master's degree hoods choke you
*Sneaking out during graduation ceremony is a MUST
*Pretending that I paid $50 to be in the honor's society and wearing a fake medal is the smartest thing I've ever done. (P.S. I WAS a 4.0  honors student but ddin't want to pay the $50. I used Hunter's old sports medal Everyone was jealous that they didn't do the same:)
*ASU is WAY more liberal than BYU
*I am so much smarter when I am married and in school than when I'm single
*Cougars are so much better than Sun Devils
*Friends are way more important and last longer than grades
*I could possibly go back to get my Phd
*My life will forever be changed

Goodbye ASU. Here are some blast from the past pictures from BYU...oh, the memories.
Go Cougs!


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