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September 10, 2012

 I am a little behind on my blogging journal. It's so hard to keep up when you are having such a fun summer traveling! Canada was by far my favorite trip this year. My dad is from Canada and all my extended family lives there. I feel so close to all of them even though we live so far away. This was the first time a lot of them were able to meet Hunter, so it was super fun introducing my hubby. By the time the reunion was over, Hunter was asking if we could move to Raymond:)

Kaylee and Quincy. I had so much fun hanging out with Kaylee and eating snobobs!
They start learning how to ride horses young:)
Dental school buddies.

Tonya and Lynz-Love them! Both are prego, but you can hardly tell:)
Hunter grilled for 300 people. He's the man.

My cousin Sachi asked me to give a talk on the Holy Ghost at her baptism. Of course I was in tears before I even started speaking. It was the most special time and I'm so grateful she is such an important part of my life.
At the baptism!
This tube represents the line that goes from us to the Holy Ghost. I started by whispering in the tube and she could hear perfectly. I asked Sachi some of the bad things we do on a daily basis and we waded up paper and put them in the tube. She said things like, "Not listening to my mom", and "Being mean to my brother and sister," etc. When we put all the "mistakes" in the tube i whispered in her ear again and she couldn't hear anything. We talked about making sure to go to church and renew our covenants each and every day and then we can hear the Holy Ghost's promptings better.

We can't wait to go back! It was one of my favorite trips of all time.

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