Back to Rocky Point, PLEASE?

October 05, 2012

Oh, Mexico. How I miss you dearly. Everyone warned me that crossing the border would be dangerous, but the only dangerous thing I saw was the sunburn on my husband) We had so much fun at my Uncle David's humongo 10-bedroom condo. It's not half bad having your own private beach in the backyard. The weather was perfect and I loovved waking up to go on my morning jog with such perfect scenery. The picture I took below was absolutely breathtaking. We also ate at the best little chicken joint! I don't feel bad for that three-legged dog because he gets a lot of YUMMY leftover chicken. My favorite part of the trip was going to town to see all the fun pottery and trinkets and meeting all the people. We ate
 the best mango and most scrumptious churros. Four wheeling on the quads wasn't half bad either. Wind in my face and sand in my mouth..ha...what could be better than that. It was an amazing trip and I can't wait to go back. Please let us move into your condo, Uncle David. I'll make sure to layout and swim in the ocean everyday so the condo is put to good use.

Hunter would kill me if he sees I put up this picture. I wanted a NORMAL picture with a NORMAL smile, but I guess this is what I got instead.  Looks like a magazine picture for Guess jeans or something:)

Look at those churros. My mouth is watering. We don't know this little kid but he wanted to be in the picture:) We have been on so many fun adventure lately. I'm glad I am getting better at documenting them:) I don't want to forget a thing...EVER! Good-bye, Rocky Point! You will definitely be missed!
love, lacy


  1. I can't believe we never made it to Rocky Point! We always meant to go and heard such great things about it. I'm so jealous!! You look fab as always.

    1. Please come back so we can go to Rocky Point together. You can bring your baby! :) Actually, I don't think taking a baby to Rocky Point would be such a good idea.


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