Girls Love Guns

October 11, 2012

I have a secret that not many people know about me...I LOVE GUNS. I know they are scary weapons that shoot people or animals, but honestly, I love them. I'd rather have a day at the gun range than a day shopping..weird, I know. I think I love how powerful I feel behind the small little black thing. I love the feeling you get when you can hit the target. I love that every time I pull the trigger, I still get scared because of the noise and the kick. I also love that I am pretty dang good at hitting my target. Hunter was so impressed by my mad skillzzz and I can't wait to go again. My favorite thing of all time is shooting the clay pigeons. I love seeing those orange things break into pieces when I hit them.

Some people believe that firearms and girls don't go together. It's amazing to feel empowered doing something that a lot of women can't or won't do. I like shooting GUNS and getting my NAILS done. I like being TOUGH and VULNERABLE all at once. I love wearing my HIGH HEELS and then kicking them off to put on my BASKETBALL SHOES. You learn that you can have the best of both worlds. You can go play football with the boys and still shop and get manicures with the girls. My husband loves this about me. Now don't get me wrong-I'm totally NOT into ESPN or golf or all the boy toys...I just like a few of them...mainly those little black weapons that most people are scared of.:)

Hello cool goggles and earmuffs!

Hunter put an "X" on the paper guy and I had to hit the spot. 9 shots right to the heart. I think the guy is dead. Thanks Nintendo Duck Hunt for teaching me how to shoot the target. I hope I didn't scare anyone with this post:) And don't worry, I'm not that dangerous.

Love, Lacy


  1. I've always wanted to go shooting!

    Also, we should play basketball together. It has been far too long and I would love to play!

  2. We should take you shooting sometime! I would love to get a group of girls together to play basketball. I miss it soo much.

  3. i am one of those girls who are deathly afraid of guns. as in, i bawled my eyes out the first time i shot a hand gun. "but they're so powerful!!!!" i blubbered. yup. the kick? hate it. loud noise? makes me jump. but i do like getting my nails done and puttin on my basketball shoes (let's be honest, it's more like dancing shoes).

  4. and i absolutely loved your duck hunt comment. nintendo sure does know how to make some sharp shooters

  5. LOVE IT!! I love guns too so you don't scare me!! Miss you! Meant to call you yesterday and then fell asleep. :) LOVE YOU!


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