October 15, 2012

On my mission I started doing this thing in my journal called "High/Low". When we had difficult days I didn't want to come home and vent in my journal about how crappy everything went and how nobody listened to us. I wanted to see the good and only recognize the bad. I feel like recognizing the bad, and then turning away from it quickly, can help us learn. We can learn to understand the negative emotions we are feeling and how to communicate when you are "down in the dumps". I have always been a pretty optimistic person and I try hard to focus on the good things in life. I have been around a lot of negative people at work, and I can't tell you how much it is wearing on me.
The complaining...
The bickering...
The gossiping...
The backbiting...
The swearing....(I can't handle one more f-word)
Completely negative and TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL.

I am determined to focus my eyes on the tender mercies of the week. I feel like we have so many little tender mercies in each day, and we need to be more grateful for those things and thank our Heavenly Father for them. So I am going to start doing weekly high/lows for the blog. It will be fun to look back with Hunter and remember the good and bad of each day.

*I watched the new show NASHVILLE and loved it.
*Hunter wrote me the cutest love note:)
*Saw the funniest movie Here Comes the Boom. Laughed so hard.
*Had the best double date night with Hunter's parents at Chipotle.
*Hunter got 100% on his Pharmacology exam. Legit. Who does that?
*Went to our friend's baby blessing and luncheon on the Sabbath.
*I love the willingness of some ward members to help me with our Relief Society Activities.
*Went to an LDS dental BBQ and saw all our friends there. So fun.
*Listened to great conference talks on the way to work.
*Saw the cutest pictures of my niece and nephew. They are going to be Thing 1 and Thing 2 for Halloween.

*I found the largest cockroach in the hallway at work and I gagged. The patient saw it. Grossss.
*Hunter studied A LOT this week.
*I studied A LOT this week too..for my LMSW exam. Boo for studying.

I can't wait to one day play this little game with my children. I want to ask them their highs/lows at the dinner table and discuss how they are grateful for the highs and how they handled the lows! It was a great week! Hope this one is as awesome!

Love, Lacy


  1. i love this. my mom used to do a game like that, she called it onions and roses. (obviously the onions are the lows and roses are the highs.) i want to see here comes the boom. it looks good. loves!

    1. onions and roses....that is adorable. Your mom is amazing:) I MISS YOU!

  2. I love when you do blog posts! It is such a nice little editing break! Oh and in case you forgot I come and see you guys on Friday!! So excited :)

    1. So excited to see you! I heard you quit your job to focus on photography. Can't wait to hear about..

  3. that is so awesome! where did you serve? :)


    1. I served in the Warsaw, Poland mission. I miss it everyday:)


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