Lulu's Fashion Event

October 01, 2012

This weekend was super exciting! I received the following invitation from a fashion blogger I stalk... so of course I had to go!
                                                                          M Loves M

It was fun to dress and up in my $6 dollar leather pants and fake glasses for a fashion event. Oh, and of course I had to take the infamous pictures in the mirror:)
It's funny when you follow random blogs and you have no idea what the writers will be like in person. I was pleasantly surprised because Mara was the nicest person ever! It was fun to hang out with her and others at the Lulu's fashion event.  
I invited my friend Katie to go with me and she spun this wheel...                                                 
                                              AND WON THIS!!

I told her she had to buy me something special for bringing her:)  But, I didn't walk away empty handed either. I won all this stuff below. I got a gift card and already ordered the cutest shirt ever. I'll post a picture of it when I get in it the mail!  I'm so glad we went! I want to win great stuff every weekend. Call me if you are going to some fashion event so I can join you and wear my fancy pants again.
Lacy Joy


  1. Fun! You are invited to a fashion event in the middle of Illinois. It involves dressing up like scarecrows and hanging out in a corn field. ok, I am joking

    1. I hope you know that you are hilarious. I miss your sense of humor. Check out the mission tab at the top of my blog..there are some pictures of you! Love you

  2. You are so fun and beautiful!!! Those pants are hot! I miss you like crazy.

    1. I miss you soo much more. I loved your blog post the other day. It was beautiful. I loved reading your testimony! I miss you guys everyday!


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