Best Baby Showers

July 18, 2013

I had the most incredible baby showers a girl could ever ask for. The first shower was a COUPLES SHOWER and I highly recommend this! I always wanted to do a couples shower so Hunter could enjoy the party too. It was such a blast. Leigh Ann, my mother-in-law, offered to throw us the best baby shower in town...and she was definitely right! Everyone kept making a joke that it was a mini reception. There were 60 people there to celebrate baby Riggins! We felt so loved and supported. Leigh Ann made Cafe Rio pork and it tasted exactly like the real thing:) It was such a fun party.

Can you spot the amazing Cafe Rio dressing? It was so good.
They bought 65 goldfish and put it in the jar. Everyone had to guess how many fish were in there and the winners got a gift card. All the fish were dying by the end of the night.
The kids loved the bounce house and couldn't get enough!
 My next shower was thrown by 4 amazing women at church. It was such a wonderful night and so many wonderful women came. I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.

 These are the wonderful women who threw the party for me. The food, invitations and decorations were all to die for. I would have left happy without one present. The company was enough for me! Thank you to all those amazing women who came to celebrate! I love you!



  1. How am I just finding your blog via google+???? I LOVE IT!!!! You are so dang beautiful and I love you and I love Riggs and Hunter. I miss you sooo much!!!!! You're amazing. :)

  2. Awww I love you and miss should update your blog so I can stalk you!


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