Birth Story

July 10, 2013

Tears swell in my eyes because I get to look in my baby's eyes everyday and tell him how much i love him. And BOY, do I love him so. 

Here is a look in to my hospital journey....

My baby was breech so we had to get a C-Section. My doctor talked me out of trying to turn the baby (aversion method) because he said i was out of room and stomach was too tight. I listened to his advice, but I know there are many women who have success in the baby actually turning during this procedure. I did everything I could to turn him-played music down by my hips, stood on my hand in the pool, flashlights, etc. Nothing worked. I was prayerful about the decision and it felt right to move forward with the C-section. He warned me that the aversion method can be stressful for the baby and lead to an emergency C-section..i didn't want that! Dr. Gulinson is apparently one of the best C-Section doctors (according to the nurses at Banner Thunderbird Hospital), so I felt very confident in his abilities. I also began severely itching a lot on my palms, feet and legs and I couldn't sleep. I went in for my last appointment right after I had worked a graveyard shift at the psych hospital. I was soooo exhausted and excited to get him to sleep. The doctor had other plans for us though! No sleep for me. The doctor said my itching was a symptom of cholestasis, a common liver disease in pregnancy. This can cause stillbirth and some other issues so my doctor moved up my C-section to that day. He told me to go get our bags and go to the hospital. he said we were going to have the baby that day!!! I was excited to have him earlier so I would stop itching, but i was definitely wanting to get some sleep. 

 I had visible bruises on the outside of my ribs where the little stinker was head butting me.  I was always uncomfortable and it hurt so much (just like most pregnant women say). I look back and think that I would triple the pain for this little guy. I would do it all over again 10 times. The love a mother has for their child is like no other i can describe. I really didn't understand that love until i experienced it, and I'm sure i have so much more to learn about this motherly love over time. 
So much to learn!
^^^Our first picture as PARENTS^^^
Our baby was 8'10 and 20.5 inches long. I was very emotional that they wouldn't let me hold the baby right after the surgery. My arms were strapped down during the C-Section and there seemed to be a disconnect between my 9 months of carrying this baby and actually having the baby. I felt like i didn't get to experience the delivery process, and it was hard not holding the baby for 3 hours. I was in the recovery room for the 3 hours just thinking about my baby and worrying that he was ok. I'm just happy he was healthy and in the end i really don't care how he came into this world.
I can't imagine a more perfect little spirit sent to us. I know he was meant to be ours every time I hold him in my arms. We love our little boy.

Love, Lacy


  1. Congratulations! So very happy for you!!

  2. I love your little boy too and you too! So glad everything ended up well even though it was scary for a bit - but worth it for that sweet little Riggins!

  3. Aww yay! Sweet story! So true... Doesn't really matter in the end how they get here, as long as they DO and they are healthy! Love these pics! So glad I have your blog now!

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