Better Mom Days Ahead

September 11, 2013

Do you ever have those days where your head hits the pillow and you realize that you could have done better? 

Yesterday was one of those days for me. I felt like I could have been a much better mom. I feel like I was slow to reach out to my little boy and I couldn't do anything to comfort him. I had different errands and project I needed to complete, and I felt like those turned into my priority. I feel like even Riggins knew he was put on the back burner yesterday. He cried a little longer and was fed a little quicker and was ignored a little more. Poor kid. I just felt like I was trying to force him to play with things he didn't want to play with for longer than he wanted to play with them so I could get things done. After we finished the bedtime routine, had family prayers and put him in his crib, I went to lay down in my bed and I felt this sick feeling of regret. Sure, I met most of his needs and he wasn't starving or super neglected during the day, but I think he needed some more mommy time. I listened to my thoughts and I grabbed him from his crib and we snuggled for awhile longer.

I don't know if he needed it or if I just needed it, but it didn't matter. We both loved it. It's amazing how one wrong move can make moms (or any woman) feel like a failure so quickly. Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones still hanging around, or maybe it's the importance of the task of raising a little human, but no matter what it is it's important to not dwell on it. 

I'll do better today little guy.


  1. This is so true. I remember feeling these feelings all the time. You will have more of those days and learning how to balance errands and family will get easier!Awesome post.

    1. Thanks for reading and for your comment. I sure hope the balancing act will get easier:)

  2. Sweetest picture. We are pretty hard on ourselves aren't we? I've had so many of those days.

  3. I LOVE this picture!! I have had those kind of days before too. Tomorrow is always a new day :)


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