Blogging is Dorky

September 12, 2013

I was chatting with a good friend the other day about how I am trying to turn my blog into more of a lifestyle/fashion blog. She looked at me and said, "Blogging is dorky, Lace." I am so glad my girlfriends can be upfront and blunt with me. I took a minute and responded,"You are totally right! Blogging is super dorky!"

 I don't think people outside the blogging realm realize what a large, fun community of girls actually blog. I follow so many amazing bloggers who have all inspired me in different ways-- DIY, mothering, fashion, cooking, etc. I told her that as a new mom with a 3-month-old I don't have time to think about what I will be wearing, let alone brush my teeth! For these past 3 months I have worn sweatpants almost everyday and I don't feel good about myself at the end of each day. Hunter gets home from school and I look at my mess-of-a-spit-up-self and think, "What the heck did I do today? Did I even brush my hair? I've been wearing the same sweatpants for 4 days!" I must admit that I will still wear sweatpants and top knots the majority of my mom days, but my goal is to have 1 or 2 days per week where I actually wear those lonely clothes in my closet!

I love fashion and I get a kick out of wearing outlandish things that some girls aren't brave enough to wear. People always tell me, "Only you could pull that outfit off, Lacy." I'm not sure if this is a compliment or if they are just telling me that I dress like a weirdo, but I'm running with the compliment. I like some trends, but not all. I like mixing patterns. I like wearing colors that clash. I like being comfy. I love chevron. I like these M.C. Hammer pants. Or are they Jasmine pants? Maybe Michael Jackosn pants?  I like all of it.

I want this blog to be geared towards moms who like fashion, but don't feel like they have the time to look put-together. What's the point of having a closet full of cute shoes if I never wear them? Right? Right! I teamed up with my girlfriend Katie to have a fun photoshoot and to learn more about photography and editing. Of course, we still need lots of work, and some pictures are blurry, but it was so much fun. Riggins really enjoyed it too. He wanted to be in the picture but he was sleeeeeping. Thanks for all your help Katie!!!!
 shirt-Target///pants-ASOS///shoes-Target///necklace-Target///hair feathers-Target
 I'm totally seeing a Target trend.


  1. Cutest pants and beautiful background!

  2. I usually don't comment but I want some of those pants, please.

    1. They are almost sold out at Asos...hurry and get some!

  3. Love this cute lady! you are gorgeous regardless of my poor photography skills! ;)

  4. haha i constantly get that same comment- "only you can pull something like that off". I think it's a compliment, and i find it interesting that only certain attitudes or personalities can pull pieces off! I really like your Jasmine pants, haha, LOVED that comparison!

    Btw I found you through the Style Elixir linkup :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  5. Thanks so much for reading! Jasmine pants definitely sound better than Michael Jackson pants:)

  6. You are ALWAYS so miss fashion... I wish I could pull off. I keep telling myself "when I loose weight"

    1. It was a little awkward taking these pictures but fashion blogs are the "thing" right now. It would be fun to make a little hobby/small business out of my blog! We will see...:) MIss your face.

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