Dating and Dirt Biking

September 04, 2013

Date night consisted of wind in our face and bugs in our teeth. I don't think I have had such a fun date night since we have been married. Maybe it was because it was my first real date in the 3 months we have been parents. We dropped Riggins off at the in-laws and I kept asking Hunter if we could bring him along. Separation anxiety. It's so hard leaving him, but i know it's healthy for all of us. And Grammy was just dying to get her kisses all over him.He's just such a good baby that I can take him anywhere. 

It was really nice to be just us again for a few minutes-flirting and dating and stuff.

I still hear laughing in my head from the date. We laughed about everything and anything. You know those days where your mouth hurts from smiling...well it was one of those days.We went to yummy Indian food and then caught the flick
White House Down-Hunter just thought I wanted to see
Channing Tatum with his shirt off (that wasn't half bad), but it was a really good movie. I'm not the best movie critic though because heck, i just enjoy the movie experience. Popcorn and candy in hand and I could possibly enjoy anything. I don't think we could drive fast enough to Grammy's house after the movie. I was freaking out to see my little baby boy. It was a sweet, sweet reunion.

Who wore the goggles best? :)
 We almost died trying to get a good picture. Don't judge us crazy kats for not wearing helments. And please make fun of Hunter's "goggles". Don't worry, he doesn't wear them for normal things-only dirt biking.
 Can't wait for the next ...

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