Fishin' Adventures in Flagtaff

September 24, 2013

 This weekend we adventured to Flagstaff. I'm not a huge fan of road trips, but this one was so short I didn't even notice. You know those vacations that are so short they are over with in a blink of an eye? This was exactly that. Over before it even started. It's funny how we build something up in our heads and we have all these expectations for it, and then it's over. What? The adventure did meet all my expectations, but I just wish it was a little bit longer. It's weird being a mom and not having an 8 to 5 job to return to on Monday morning. I just wish that I could talk Hunter into skipping school for a few weeks so we can travel the world. Well, I'd have to talk him into robbing a bank as well. We had an absolute blast. We stopped along the way to go fishing and to look for deer and such. I want to freeze these special moments with my little family and put them in a box to keep and remember forever. For now, I'll just put them in my blog box. 
Playing around with new Photoshop...I definitely need to take a classssssss. Props to those people who learn on their own:) Anyone know how to edit this cool sun picture below?

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