Half-Marathoning and Hamburger Scarfing

September 25, 2013

hi. more fun pictures from flagstaff. i am so proud of the hubs for running his first half-marathon! it wasn't any ol' half-marathon either, it was a trail run! i don't know about you, but when i WALK up a hill I get winded. it's definitely on my bucket list, but not on my 4-months-after-having-a-baby list. i'm milking this c-section baby excuse for as long as people will take it. hunter didn't even train as much as he wanted because he hurt his neck lifting weights not long ago. i was so nervous he would hurt it more running the marathon. he needs that neck to lean over and look in mouths all day. i am so proud of him. 

it was amazing to see all these old people crossing the finish line. i sat on the ground with the babe eating sour patch kids. i really felt like a loser when this lady, couldn't have been less than 80-years-old, crawled across the finish line. it made me reevaluate my life and goals. i want to be like that old lady. the hubs ran the race with his best friend mitchell and it was fun spending time with their family. my favorite part was grabbing burgers after the race at this cute little burger joint in flag. the pictured burger was probably the best burger I have ever had. pineapple and ham and the yummiest sauce ever. loved it. i will go back. the view was to die for, as well. hip-hip-hooray for fun adventures in flagstaff.


  1. Your burger looks kind of gross actually, but glad it tasted good! So glad Hunter did a half! You look amazing as always. And Riggs...I just want to steal him he's so cute!!

    1. It does look kind of gross, huh?It was sooo good. I'll take you there someday. Let's sign up for a halfsie together!!!!!!

  2. You are such an interesting writer...and great photographer. Kudos to Hunter for his run.

    1. Hunter says thank you. I have a goal to run a half-marathon. let's see if i can even run a mile tomorrow:)

  3. I think the hamburger looks good. I have a goal to run a marathon. we shall see if it ever happens.
    -love, C.

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