Military Style and Lazy Night

September 07, 2013

jacket: (Zara-ebay) / shirt: (Target) / jeans: (Forever 21 old) / shoes:(Nordstrom Rack)

Hunter thinks he looks like a murderer in this picture..i think he looks super hot. 

Our Friday night was awesome. Hunter came home exhausted from the dental school clinic and said, "Do you mind if we just have a relaxing night in?"
I was so happy to hear that. I had been to play group and running errands all day and I had just walked in the door. I love lazy nights in with my 2 guys. We all three took a nap together and i must admit that family nap time is the best!!! I was the last one to go to sleep and I loved watching Hunter and Riggs drift off. It makes me so happpppyyy and crazy emotional.
We ended up taking a short little walk up the road to Ray's Pizza and had a slice of pizza and shared a salad. We are totally into this sharing food thing. It saves money and calories and it's really nice. I can never finish a meal on my own anyways so it's nice to have Hunter to bring up the rear. We rented "Now You See Me" a movie about magicians and I loved it. Hunter fell asleep during the movie like normal so I was left watching it all alone. We have been watching lots of movies lately..we are lazy, boring parents nowadays:)

Side note...My old roomie Brandi ( is having a fashion blog link up military style, so we thought we would join the club. It was fun dressing up Riggins because we all know he is the star of every show. I honestly don't know what life was like before we had the little peanut.


  1. Ahhhhhhh I love it! Check back Tuesday because there is no way I could choose anyone else for my pick. Military style family.... And Riggins little outfit!??? To die for. You are such a babe Lacey!

    1. Oh are the babe! So happy to be learning from your awesomeness. P.S. Hunter had no idea what this was for...tricked him:)

  2. Awesome family and outfit. Riggins is the cutest thing ever.

  3. Keep doing these fashion posts. Love your style. New reader.

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