Small Fry Girls, Bestie, Baby Pug

September 08, 2013

^^^Nicole/Jenna/half of my cute baby/ME/Emily (Small Fry girls)^^^
The Small Fry girls are no joke. I met Jenna a few years ago through my bestie Andrea and she is just dang ridiculous. It was fun to meet up with her and catch up on our lives. I might have a girl crush on all these three Small Fryers and their awesomeness. I'm so inspired by their friendship and how they turned their BFFness into such a wonderful blog. They have gone from 0 to too many to count followers in about 60 seconds and I'm so impressed by their hard work, motivation and raw talent for this kind of stuff. I'm just entering the blogging world and learning how to type and publish-while they are taking over the blog community. It's fun to watch them grow together and it was so fun to meet the other two Small Fry girls. They were so fun to be around and it's sad I don't live in Utah so I could stalk them daily. Nicole and Emily had just barely met me 2 minutes and they were already stealing my baby and letting me shop around! Thanks for all the laughs, Small Fry.

And how could I forget to mention I met up with one of my besties Alisha and her baby pug. Isn't that dog just dang amazing???@#@$ It was so much fun to catch up with these perfectly put together friends of mine. Oh, and Riggins couldn't get enough of the pug:)


  1. Cute girls. Looks like it was a blast in Utah.

    1. It was way too much fun. I could live there again one day:)

  2. You fit in well with those Small Fry girls!


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