Tangled Mess of a Mom

September 05, 2013

This tangled mess of a picture describes how I have been feeling as a new mom. Clothes are everywhere, dishes are piling up and the bed is NOT made. What has happened to me? I think this little human has taken control of my every thought and action...and I'm not going to complain.

I look around my little place and I see the messiness...
and the laundry
and the ugly topknot on the top of my head
and the 3rd day in a row outfit (with spit up on it)
and the bare refrigerator
and the ring around the toilets
and the toothpaste on the sink
and the starving husband

And in this moment right now, it doesn't seem to phase me. I've decided to spend a little more time snuggling and loving on my little guy than to worry about that other stuff. Tomorrow this thought may change and I'll be a cleaning and cooking machine (not likely), but for now, I am gonna sit right here on the couch and nurse him a little bit longer. Hold him a little bit longer. Sing him a few more songs. Give him a ton more kisses. Stare at him sleep a little bit longer.

I mean, look at him..Wouldn't you?


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