To Husband...

September 27, 2013

Dear husband, 

I have been thinking about you a lot today. I think about you everyday, but today I thought about you a little more. I think it's because you left me an over-easy egg and a piece of bacon on the counter this morning. It was delicious by the way. Thank you. You even put it on my favorite Anthropologie plate. Brownie points for you.

We had fun last night laying in bed and laughing. I think one of the many reasons I married you is because you make me always make me laugh until I cry. How can one person be so funny?

I love how you tuck me in at night and always make sure we read our scriptures and pray together. I love how you don't mind when I ask you to pick up dead crickets I kill during the day (or when I call them grasshoppers). I love how you are obsessed with our baby and always ask to see pictures and videos of him. I love how you LOVE being a dentist and your eyes light up when you talk about extracting teeth and such. I love how you always make me sit down and relax after dinner so you can do the dishes. I love how you still open the door for me every chance you get. I love how you always look for opportunities to serve others. I love how you are really techy and help me with my computer and phone and stuff. I love how you ask my opinion about which tie you should wear and if your outfit looks ok. I love how you fall asleep on the couch sometimes (even though I act mad that you didn't come to bed) because you are so tired from the day. I love how you can fall asleep in 2.5 seconds (actually, I am pretty jealous of it). I love how you play and sing to Riggins. I love how you support my pillow addiction. I love how much you love your family. I love how you treat your mom. I love how you tell me to call you when I get to church so you can come carry Riggins inside (because you are already there for your meetings). I love how you let me have the long end of the couch when we watch movies. I love how our baby looks identical to you. I love how you let me pop our baby's collar even though you hate it so. I love how good you are at your Executive Secretary calling at church. And I love how you challenge me at Scrabble even though I always still win:) 

I could go on and on and on..Thank you for being such an amazing husband and father. Like every couple out there we have had our ups and downs, but I can't imagine having downs with anyone else but YOU. I can't wait to see what the next few years bring.What an awesome ride this is!

Love, Lace

Photo cred:Meghan Maxwell 


  1. I love your maternity pictures. I love that this one focuses on the father, you don't see that very much. It's always about the woman and her belly. I love this one. This is the sweetest letter. It reminds me to write love letters to my husband.
    -Christy xo

    1. I thought my photographer did a great job with this as well! I will treasure this picture forever. Thanks so much!

  2. This is the best. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You are welcome. Learned everything I know from you. :) xoxo


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