Weekend Whatevers

September 17, 2013

My WEEKEND WHATEVERS were awesome.

1. DOUGIE THE LIZARD-The little lizard thingy was found in our HOUSE! Of course Hunter had to save the lil' guy by letting him free on the grass. I just know he made his way back in the house when Hunter wasn't looking. We named him Dougie before we got rid of him.

2. FOOD COMA-As you can tell, most of the weekend was filled with food. bigggg surprise. Yummy food always seems to be the center of our attention. We met up with friends Saturday night and went to BJ's. The pizza was insane and the pazookie was even more insane. I think we devoured the dessert in less than a minute. It was worth every single calorie. Love our dental school friends.

3. TEMPLE FLOWER ADVENTURE-Saturday we woke up early and dropped Riggins off at grammy's house. It's always hard leaving him...I don't think it will get easier anytime soon. Then we went to the temple. It was such a awesome feeling of renewal. I feel so ready to conquer life and this motherhood thing and wife thing and this therapist thing. I think we can all guess which picture was taken on the temple grounds. Definitely not the pizza:)

4. PINK FLOYD SUNDAY- This picture of me was taken after I changed out of my super uncomfortable Sunday outfit. The polka dot skirt I selected kept ripping up the slit-apparently it was a little snug (dumb baby weight)-and i felt super self-conscious the whole time. I just kept hearing ripppp. rip. Bad choice of outfit. I ended up taking Hunter home because he wasn't feeling too great and I changed my skirt and my heels. Mommy clothes are a lot different than newlywed clothes. I figured Pink Floyd shirt was appropriate for after church relaxing clothes, even though I don't even know what they sing. Yeah...really cool. Probably not the most spiritual band out there:) Sunday was inspirational as always. Well, Sacrament Meeting was. I teach twelve 9-year-old kids and that's always interesting. I love it though and I'm learning way more from them than they are from me. Love the weekends.

Already getting ready for the next weekend whatevers....


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