4-Monther + Frog on the Wall

October 02, 2013

happy picture, happy picture, happy picture....
that's what shots will do to you. he was having a blast playing with the frog on the wall and ripping up tissue paper. life was good. until that mean nurse came through the door. 

poor kid had to have his 4 month immunizations and he was not a happy camper after. i don't think i have ever seen him cry so hard in my life. face turned red, trouble breathing, he was freaking out. I debated whether or not i should hold his had because i didn't want him to think that i am allowing this evil nurse to attack him. but i didn't want to leave him either because i didn't want him to think i abandoned him in his time of need. i want him to know that i will be there through all the pain...even if i have to allow it for his own good. he might blame me for lots of silly things one day: grounding him, making him come home for curfew, not letting him go to that crazy party, kissing him in front of his friends and embarrassing him, not letting him see his hooch of a girlfriend (i hope he doesn't have one of those), ruining his life, etc.  that's ok. i'll take all the blame as long as it's for his own good.

i hate to admit it, but tears were rolling down my cheeks when he started crying. the nurse probably thought we were a mess of a team. 
if he hurts, i hurt. 
if he's happy,iI'm happy. 
if he cries, i cry....well not usually, but this time we cried together. 
i'm thanking my parents for all the times they allowed me to feel pain. i realize now that it was torturous for them to see me to "get shots". probably harder on them than it was on me. they were always waiting on the sidelines for me ready to pick me up and hold me through it. to put that band-aid on. to kiss me all better. i love that they didn't run and save me right away though..they let me feel it and work through some things on my own. props to you both mom and dad.

this is for sure how Heavenly Father works with us. he allows us to feel pain and go through trials so we can learn and grow. so we have a reason to turn to him in prayer. so we can become more humble and know how to help others through hard times. so we can be more grateful and understanding of Christ's sacrifice for us. so he can mold us into who he wants us to become.
^^sorry for the millions of pictures but we had a long wait time. after the shots we were sent to the hospital to get an ultrasound on his little hips. the doctor just wanted us to get them checked as a precaution because he was breech. he had a long day of people poking at him, but he survived it like a champ. i hope this visit to the hospital with riggins is few and far between. Isn't that tiny wristband the cutest thing ever?^^^


  1. he looks JUST like his dad! what a cutie. i love your previous post too. babies are the best!

    1. Thanks! They are the best, aren't they? What was life like without them??? I don't even remember what I did!

  2. I can't wait to hold him again....We're ready...got the Huggies and wipies at big lots...cheap... Also got something called a mini play yard for him to sleep in. I trying to think of other things you might need but...we can always go shopping.
    Target is really close and so is Mid-Rivers Mall.
    I getting so excited...Love Mom and Dad too.

  3. Poor little guy... we just went through a similar experience for my youngest's two year old wellness exam. Relieved we're done with shots for a while!

    Glad to have found you via the link up! :)


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