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October 04, 2013

shirt: asos//necklace: forever21//jeans: target//camo shoes:target boy section($4.00)

hi. blogging is harder than i thought. and lifestyle/fashion blogging is 10 times harder than that.
am i the only one who thinks this?
i have gotten way more into blogging as of late, and it's beginning to consume so many of my thoughts. i think, "oh, let's do that because i can put it on the blog," or "hunny, stand like that because it's a good blog shot". i am sure i have to be so annoying. maybe that's just what happens when you start any project? hmm...
i don't know.
i don't want to become some crazy cat lady blogger (no offense if you like cats). i can get pretty obsessive when new things are thrown at me. i'm already an obsessive mother.
poor riggins
 i want to live life just to enjoy it-not to blog about it. blogging about it can just be the icing on the cake. it's all about balance. any advice for a newbie blogger like me?

i read through blogs and it seems to come so easy to some. great topics, awesome writing style, perfectly edited pictures, awesome blog design, and large amounts of followers, all done while looking flawless and not breaking a sweat. it's much tougher than it looks, so props to all you fashionistas who do it with style! does anyone else out there get super awkward when asking someone to take pictures of them?
does that ever go away?

i love writing about our little life and storing these memories up in this here blog-sphere. i've always been a journal writer, but no one has ever read my journal. no one has read about my deepest thoughts and biggest fears. it's crazy to me that anyone can access the thoughts and feelings we write in these here blogs of ours. a random person in colorado could rip apart a post that took so much courage to write. a woman in alaska could e-mail me and tell me i shouldn't be wearing polka-dot skinny jeans so soon after giving birth (10 pounds to go). they could criticize my grammar or punctuation or pictures. but no fear. so many amazing women hang it all out there for the world to read and they are better for it. inspiring women.
i want to be like them.

stay tuned for details about phoenix fashion week. so excited to go tonight. anyone else going?
and drum roll please! i'm so honored to be a co-host for fab favorites link up with style elixir! thanks for having me!
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  1. I don't think asking someone to take pictures gets any less awkward! Great post. I love your casual look, as well.
    love, Cristy

  2. Blogging is definitely SUPER hard! My advice is to find other great bloggers in your area that you click with. They'll make the journey that much better and you can exchange tips on how to be a better blogger :) Wishing you all the best! Great post :)


    1. I absolutely love this advice! I need to find other great bloggers in my area! Thanks for stopping by...excited to check your blog out:) Happy Friday!
      Love, Lace

  3. Ahh love your polka dot jeans - so cute!

  4. I'm relatively new to blogging too (one year)! It is super tough and VERY time consuming, but I found something I loved and was passionate about, it became a little easier. Still a ton of work, but I like doing it! ;-)
    Good luck with yours (you are crazy cute by the way!)

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds it consuming! I'm glad to hear you still like doing it after one year. Gives me hope:) Thanks so much, Jamie!!

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds it consuming! I'm glad to hear you still like doing it after one year. Gives me hope:) Thanks so much, Jamie!!
    Love, Lace

  6. Blogging is INCREDIBLY consuming! Between my husband and I we have I think 6 blogs, and I edit for several too. Several are work related so we need to maintain them but what I have learned in doing this for two years is to make sure you don't drive yourself crazy and only do what is needed, and also not spend too much time on social media. I have to constantly remind myself of that!! Also, there is an obsession about writing or posting daily and I don't think that it's necessary nor is it even the best for a blog as coming up with quality posts 24/7 is hard to do. Enjoy the process and make it organic and skip the rest, those are my two cents. ;)

    1. 6 blogs? Oh my goodness! I can't even keep up with this one. Trying not to spend too much time on social media is great advice. I think we spend too much time buried in our phones, computers and ipads, that we miss our on real daily life! Thanks so much for your two cents-excellent comment!

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks. You are fabulous. Loved visiting your cute blog!

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