First Time Meeting Grandpa

October 23, 2013

 the title of this post may surprise some of you. 
"First Time Meeting Grandpa" 
this was the first time baby riggins met grandpa. yes. first timer. and yes, my baby is almost 5-months-old. it's not because he doesn't love his grandson or that i don't want to visit them in st.louis, but that is just what happens sometimes when you live miles apart. for some reason we just couldn't make it happen. so i want to share with you one of the sweetest moments i have ever witnessed. tears build up just thinking about it.
their first meeting was like they had known each other 
i think riggs liked him. look at those smiles (sniff, tear, sniff). 
 my mom came to visit me in az when i had riggins. she helped cook and cleaned every nook and cranny of my little house. she is a rock star. my dad didn't come when i had the baby. i don't blame him at all. our convos consisted of nursing and boobs and more boobs and weird pregnancy stuff. i wouldn't want my dad to have to hear any of that. my dad had not met my almost 5-month-old baby! what the heck? i can't tell you how that feels. your most important dad hasn't met your most important first baby! that's what happens when you don't live a hop, skip, and a jump away from each other. riggins had no idea what he was missing until this vacation!
 i just have to give a shout-out to my parents. they haven't aged in years! they are gettin' up there in age..starting to get senior discounts and free memberships to the ymca and such...but honestly, they don't look a day older than when i was in high school. i'll have to find a picture and post a now and then photo. you would be shocked. i just pray that i got their aging genes:) can i just tell you how much fun i had in st. louis? so much. it was so refreshing to spend time with my parents. hunter had to leave a few days into the trip to get back for school. i stayed and partied for another week.
we saw captain phillips. i have been dying to see this movie. it's a true story and i was on the edge of my seat. i think i may have ptsd after watching it. it was pretty dang intense. i'm a therapist at a psych hospital, and i can't even imagine working with this patient. geeez. loved the movie.

//riggy and i spent most of our time rolling around on the theater floor. he was quiet through the whole thing though. it was awesome. //
//could these pictures be any cuter?//

//grandpa has this special way of making riggy smile and laugh.//

//i think he likes her//


p.s. i keep trying to take out the random weird spaces between the pictures and then i get frustrated. then i just hit publish because who wants to waste their life trying to make it look pretty and uniform? not me. i actually do. i just don't know what i'm doing wrong. sick of googling it. i almost threw my laptop out the 2nd story window. anyone else struggle with blogger?


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