Riggy Roo

October 23, 2013

oh riggy-roo. tonight as i was feeding you, your eyes looked up at me like i can do no wrong. like i know all the answers. like i can comfort your every woe. it made me feel this overwhelming sense of confidence in myself as your mother. i have written multiple posts about my feelings of inadequacy in this new role of mine, but tonight, only tonight, i felt a calm surety. a surety that i can't mess this motherhood thing up. an unfailing trust in my abilities to love you and take care of you with every ounce of my being. i know without a doubt that i can't fail at something i am so in love with. i am in love with motherhood. i am in love with fulfilling your ever need. i am in love with it because you are mine. those eyes of yours hold so much for such a little person. you have so much trust in us as your parents. if someone so little and perfect can have this insurmountable amount of trust, then why can't i match or even surpass that same trust in myself?


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