Shine Bright Like a Diamond

October 07, 2013

^^yeah. we are cool. we met miss arizona at phoenix fashion week. she was super nice and super beautiful (as you can probably tell). and in the next picture my girl katie caught me sucking on a sour patch kid. weirdo. anyways. back to miss arizona. this was her first pageant ever and she won. you know those other girls have been doing pageants since they were crawling--tutus and tiaras? we chatted with her for a while. fun times. ^^

phoenix fashion week was fabulous. it's fun to get all dolled up every once in a while and have what i call a  "feel famous" night. my friend katie and i went together and walked the red carpet. we met so many fashionistas, journalists, bloggers, photographers, designers, etc. it was definitely a night to remember. we were wined and dined (even though we don't drink:) and treated like royalty.
^^our favorite designer of the night was bri seeley. she presented a refined, delicate line of fabulous outfits. more pictures to come of her beautiful line!^^
 ^^the shine project^^
we bumped into the shine project sisters on the red carpet. they are as nice as they are beautiful. there truly is a shine radiating from both of them when they talk about their beautiful cause. they employ at risk youth to make the beautiful bracelets below. the youth are paid fair wages and use this to pay for their future schooling. if you want to know more about the project, check it out here.
more pictures to come of the runway fashion!


  1. Where is that blazer and pants from?

    1. Jacket is from the cutest online shop The Oxford Trunk and pants are from Nordy's:)

  2. Wow just wanted to say you look amazing, such a stylish mama, really love your sparkly jacket, so chic :)

    Laura x

    1. Thanks! I would wear it everyday if I could:)

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