October 31, 2013

Halloween is fun to be something you're not,
To put into each costume all that you've got.
To see the kids light up at every trick or treat,
Knockin' for hours without defeat.
Carvin' pumpkins and eatin' seeds,
A candle inside is all that it needs.
Ghosts and goblins scarin' everyone,
Haunted houses, scary movies, bloody guts just for fun.
Creativity is the best over this night and day,
Where dressin' up like Miley Cyrus is finally OK. (or not)
I swear I eat sour patch kids until my tongue is raw, 
When my cavities are my biggest flaw. 
Hayrides and corn mazes and pumpkins galore, 
Where all you want this day is more, more, more.
Hope you have the best Halloween night, 
Why don't you make it SPOOKTACULAR, aight?


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