Baby Blues

November 11, 2013

Hunter left me to go to Tonga. We are missing him badly. In our 2.5 years of marriage, we have only been apart about 5 days--this trip is 11 days long. It's challenging being a single mom, to say the least. Props to all the amazing single mothers out there. I never realized how much Hunter really does. Just having someone to hand him off to when I want to take a bubble bath or finish making dinner, etc. I love having a best friend to share in the parenting fun. Hunter is in Tonga with the LDS Academy of Dentists to do free dental work for the Tongan people. They come from all over to have painful teeth pulled, to get cavities filled, to get work done that they can't afford. I'm so grateful he has this opportunity to help the people there. I'm so proud of him. We hope to do service trips like this for the rest of our lives. I hope next time I'll get to go with him!  Instead of sulking and missing my man, I decided to go on a road trip to Utah to stay with my brother for the 11 days. I drove overnight and my little guy slept the WHOLE WAY! It was so amazing. I had to reach back and poke him once because I needed to make sure he was still alive. It made the horribly long drive much better to have a sleeping angel baby all the way there:) Excited to tell you more about my Utah trip. 

And.....I'm excited to say I have been featured on one of my favorite blogs Sweet Little Peanut !
So go check it out! They featured my favorite pictures ever!!


  1. Lacy, I would love to see you and that cute little guy while youre in Utah! Let me know if it works for you :) 702-287-6568

    1. Ahhh I would love to see you! I might run out of time but hopefully I can squeeze you in:) miss you! I leave Saturday and seeing lots of family the next few days. I wish I would have known earlier! I'll let you know if things change!

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