November 16, 2013

OK. You know those AH-MAZ-ING people you follow via social media? The ones you want to meet but never think you will. The ones that somehow make you feel like you are already best friends? Well, Ginger Parrish was one of those people for me. One of my BFF's instagrammed me and tagged me in one of Ginger's pictures because she named her baby boy RIGGINS. Unbelievable. My jaw dropped. Riggins is not one of those names you are going to hear about everyday. So, of course, I liked her picture of Riggins and commented that I have a Riggy too! She commented back-as shocked as I was-and our relationship went from there. It went from a "like" here to a comment there to realizing that we have so much in common. Favorite candy, same clothes (2 pairs of shoes, overalls, sweater, hat, etc), same favorite song to sing to our Riggys, same baby nicknames, and same idea to be new pen-pals. (who doesn't love getting snail mail?) After realizing we have so much in common we met in person and we became insta-friends (get it?)  It really was a social media success story. We even showed up wearing the same kind of sweater. Andddd we definitely love dressing our little guys in stripes...another thing to add to the list.  Plus her boy Jonah. No words for him. He made my heart melt. 
(My Riggy -Almost 6 months)   
(Her Riggy-3ish months)


  1. It's amazing that you both have the same style. I just love this. It's like you were meant to be friends!

  2. Amazing - Insta Friends and cute babies too!

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