Oh Deer

November 01, 2013

October was really good to our family. Nothing too exciting happened, but just being parents is a whole new world and has really changed the dynamics of our whole relationship. We love each other more (i didn't think this was possible) after bringing a little person into our family. Holidays are much more fun with a kid too. Yes, he's super young and probably has no idea why mom dressed like a weirdo, but it will be so great to look back at pictures at his first Halloween. We took him on a hayride around the neighborhood with a few family friends and he loved every minute (don't let the emotionless face fool you). Then we left him on the doorstep of Grammy and Pappa's house to trick-or-treat. Grammy laughed so hard when she opened the door to find her baby grandson by himself:) Then we went to another party and ate pizza and wings and talked all night. It was a really good Halloween. I'm ready for November and excited to see what this month has in store for us. 
(Side-note: So weird that I am wearing sandals and short-sleeves in October/November)
(Another side-note: We didn't spend any money on costumes this year...I'm sure you can tell:)

^^Doorbell ditched Grammy and Pappa. Riggy's first Trick-or-Treating adventure. He smiled so big when Grammy opened the door! She was very surprised! ^^
^^We dressed up as surgeons for the church Trunk-or-Treat. Someone asked Riggy if he was a nurse and he started crying. It was really funny.^^
^^BOO! I laid in bed last night thinking of next years costumes. Weirdo^^


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