Still d a t i n g

November 04, 2013

"The easiest part of marriage is falling in love and walking down the aisle. The most difficult part of marriage is 10 years later when the problems have ensued and issues have come about and you still find love. Marriage is not about the beginning, marriage is about the process and still being able to love through all things."
Source Unknown

Before Hunter and I sealed the deal, we were told by multiple people to "date frequently". We have set a goal to go on a date once a week. This date means no social television (unless we go see a movie)...just US time. Time to renew our relationship and leave our mundane comfort zones. I am in love with this goal and I hope that once life gets busier and our family gets bigger, we can still reach this goal of ours. Below was how my husband asked me out this week: 
Yeah. I was pretty surprised when I received this text message on Friday night. My hubby abandoned left me to go to the church boy camp-out on Friday night, and I was home alone with the Riggster. I was going to go see Ender's Game with some girlfriends but we just stated weaning Riggs from the swaddle. I wanted to stay consistent with bedtime and with sleeping in his own crib.'s always fun to have some time alone to catch up on my girl-girl shows and to take a bubble bath:) I was watching Vampire Diaries and catching up on Hostages (you have to see this show), I received the wonderful text above. I was grinning the biggest, fattest grin e v e r. He still makes me giddy (gag, i know). Sooooo....I got dressed up and put on my pink date lipstick and i was excited about the surprise date.

^^"Hey, give me your most serious face." #dateselfies^^
He took me to BJ's (one of the favs) and I got my favorite Great White pizza (Alfredo sauce and all). We even got an appetizer..and that's a big deal because we neverrrrr get appetizers:)
 Then he took me to a improv comedy show. I am obsessed with these shows. They are even funnier than real comedy acts because they aren't scripted. It takes talent to be a comedian but it takes REAL talent to be able to do improv comedy and think on your toes. I laughed so much and so hard. Can't wait for next week's date:)

^^They selected Hunter to come on stage and the actors couldn't move unless Hunter moved them. Hunter put the guys in funny positions and they had to create a storyline from their body positions. It was pretty dang funny. It was a wonderful date. I missed my baby boy but had so much fun with my big boy.^^



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