What's in a Name?

November 13, 2013

Raise your hand if: 

-You have thought about changing your blog name once or twice before.

-You hate the current name of your blog but you don’t have guts to change it. 

-You’ve realized how UNORIGINAL your blog title is and it’s driving you craazzy.

-You have actually changed your blog title..maybe even multiple times.

OK. So if you don’t fit into any of the categories above I will buy you an ice-cream cone. Any kind you would like. I think deciding on a name is one of the hardest decisions bloggers make. Some people will know you by this name for years to come. When people ask you your blog title, you want to be excited about it. Say it with pride. You want it to mean something to you. This is why I have so many issues with picking a title. And the funny thing about all this is….NO ONE REALLY CARES ABOUT MY TITLE (except me).
Sooo...there you have it folks:
Chevron Smiles
Doesn't this title just make you want to smile? I hope so. You are welcome to hop ship if you hate it (please don’t), but I am giving you a free out:) I will be blogging about the same things, (my life, my kid, my husband, my style) but I just wanted to have a title that meant a little more to us and one that NOBODY HAS!

So why did I pick THAT title?
-CHEVRON because I want this word to represent my creative side and style. I also love that it's not a new pattern...that it actually dates as far back as 1800 B.C! Apparently it was used in pottery and rock carvings in Greece! It's not just a trend-there is tradition to the pattern as well. I'm all about tradition.
Plus, the V shape is similar to a SMILE. Hunter says I picked it because I just love the smell of gas. (i really do though)

-SMILES because that is what we want our blog to be built upon. My husband is in dental school and works hard on teeth to make them perfect. He does it because he wants to help people be confident with their smiles.
-I am a therapist at a psych hospital. I work with people who have suicidal + homicidal tendencies, hear voices telling them to harm themselves and/or others, have addictions, etc. I want to help them find their smiles again.
 -We both are parents. Our goal is to help our little guy (and future little guys) find true happiness in life. To make sure all their needs are taken care of. To make sure our children s m i l e.
-To sum it all up...our goals in life are to help make everyone around us smile (especially each other). Even if it is just for a small moment.
-And..I picked the title because n o b o d y has it. And I couldn't really find a word that went with Bennett that didn't sound totally cheesy. Bennett Bliss..lol.

 Sooo why the heck am I changing the blog title?
It’s actually a really long and really dumb story. Here is the short version. I picked a title. I was reading through a friend’s blog and realized she had the same title  (replace her name with Lace). She got a little hurt and thought I was copying her. I wasn’t copying her. She realized it too. We both realized the name of our blog was totally and completely unoriginal and that multiple people have it. I mean…I type my blog name in Bloglovin’ and there are 123,343,200 blogs that pop up (not really that many, but still). I've always been known for my originality...until that moment. Yuck. So...here ya go. My same ol' little blog with a different name. Goodbye Love, Lace. Oh yeah...and Hunter is going to be more involved in this blog of ours:) Stay tuned for sporadic posts from my BOY!

P.S. It's kind of stinky that my URL won't match my blog title, but who cares again, right? I mean it's just a blog!


  1. Ok. You are a genius. I love that chevron looks like a smiley face. So cool! And you are a therapist. So amazing!.

  2. Love the design. Did you do it?

    1. Yeah I did! I designed it using Picmonkey:)

  3. I have been debating about changing my blog name FOREVER... So much to do though...

    1. I know! I just had to. I'm a lot happier now! Still so much to do with the name change but in a month or 2 we will be all settled it! Do it!!!!

  4. you have such a lovely blog! Thanks again for sotpping by mine earlier!
    By the way your baby is the cutest thing EVER!!!


  5. Lovely! Genius! Thanks for your sharing and posting!lol!


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