Faith Under a Microscope

December 01, 2013

Imagine one of your favorite books smashed and compacted into the size of a quarter, and then put around your neck to hold close wherever you go. You don't even have to imagine this because it's a REAL THING!  Sarah Ha  sent me this beautiful necklace and I don't only love it because it's awesome and shiny, but it is a constant reminder of what I believe. The entire Book of Mormon is written out, word for word, on this tiny pendant. If that's not enough for you to be totally enthralled, you can even read the whole book by looking through a microscope. INSANE. Andddd...there are other books available...The Bible, Torah, Shakespeare...and I'm sure they are going to keep the books a comin'. It doesn't get much more meaningful than this!
Necklace: c/o Sarah Ha


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