Hard Day, Favorite Sweater

December 16, 2013

 I was definitely a loser person the other day.  It all started when my computer broke. I thought I was going to lose EVERYTHING. Every picture (enter panic attack), every paper I've ever written (including my thesis), my journal from the past 2 years (bah so many memories!),  etc. etc. etc. On my way to take it to the Mac store my car door almost fell off. Literally. It has been difficult to close the past few months and it makes this loud whistling noise even when it's shut. It has even flown open while I have been on the highway. seriously. Talk about dangerous. So when I got in this time to slam it shut and lock it real quick (this is the only way it will shut), it wouldn't even close!! Gah! I don't know the mechanic door vocab to explain what the heck was going on with it, but it was pretty bad. I must tell you a ran an errand holding it shut. DANGER. So my car broke. It was like one of those groundhog days that plays over and over and over in your mind until you get it right. I just felt sick and grumpy and didn't want to be around people and just wanted to sleep, sleep, sleep. But my baby was awake, awake, awake. I am sure I snapped at my hubby once or twice and shed a few tears. After we finally got the baby to bed I was laying in bed reading Catching Fire when my vision started going out. It was like blurry little glass lookin' things were fogging my sight. I told Hunter what was happening and he told me I was probably just tired and to close my eyes. He read me a few chapters (husband award) and then I finally told him i was going to try to get some shut-eye. He left the room and 5 minutes later my hand started going completely numb. Like the numbness you get when you are laying on it for too long. I wasn't laying on it. It was Friday the 13th spooky. I didn't think much of it until it WOULDN'T GO AWAY! We are talking 10 minutes of i-can't-feel-my-left-hand numb. I went downstairs and was freakin' out to Hunter. He stayed so calm. Too calm for me. Then the left side of my mouth started going numb. Then my tongue. Then the left side of my face. It was like this on and off for an hour. I thought I was having a stroke or something. He researched and figured out it was this weird syndrome induced by stress. Maybe like some kind of mini panic attack? It was pretty dang scary and I pray it doesn't happen again. If it does, I think I might head to the doctor to get checked out. I'm not sure I should trust my life to GOOGLE. I do trust my husband though. He even made me popcorn and watched a cheesy Christmas movie off Netflix. Maybe I should be stressed out more often?

On a very happy side-note: It was super fun to be featured on Coast To Coast blog the other day. I posted a picture on Insta with the #c2cchallenge and they featured me on their Instagram and blog. Thanks, ladies!!


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