Happy Freakin' New Year + Giveaway Winners

January 06, 2014

Whelp, I've already ruined all my New Year's Resolutions. Biggest loser over here:) Hopefully my failures will help motivate you to keep yours!!!

1. I made a goal to eat no candy + to eat healthier throughout the year. I ate a big fat, greasy piece of pizza at the airport + pretzel bites from Wetzel's Pretzels. I ate sour octopus candies Hunter got me for Christmas. I had popcorn last night. Way to go, Lace.

2. I made a goal to learn how to cook better and try cooking/baking things from people I trust (not from Pinterest--I've had too many bad recipes from there).  I want to make freezer meals in advance so when I don't want to cook I can throw the already made meal in the crockpot. That's how I roll. I also want to learn how to be more organized at the grocery store + to enjoy grocery shopping more. I haven't cooked once since the New Year + haven't found any good recipes + no grocery shopping yet. We have no food. I blame this one on being out of town.

3. I want to learn how to sew. My new sewing machine I got for Christmas is still sitting at my Mother-in-laws house. Poop.

4. I want to exercise 3 times a week. I haven't exercised once since the new year. Unless you count going up and down my stairs a million times per day. And I've gained 2 pounds over the holidays. Blah.

5. I want to study my scriptures instead of just read them. I want to get back in the habit I had while on my mission in Poland. I had a great study plan. Well, I haven't gotten my plan figured out yet and I'm still just reading instead of studying. Boo.

6. I want to get better at photography + use my new lens Hunter got me for Christmas! Haven't done this one either.

7. I want to finish reading the 3 Hunter Games book (I have like 20 pages to go) + I want to read 6 new books! Divergent is on my list. Some baby education books. Gospel oriented books. Stuff that will make me smarter. Haven't read anything yet. Maybe I need to add a motivational book in that stack to kick my butt in gear.

8. I want to serve more + invite people over for dinner more.  I want to go on more creative dates + continue dating my hubs once a week. I want to make more friends. Nope, nothing yet.

9. I just want to be a better, kinder person. I feel bad because I kinda snapped at a rude lady on the airplane. She was being mean to my baby. What a way to start out the new year, right?

Resolutions are overrated anyways. Most people only last until March. It's good to set new goals anytime during the year! Here's to starting over with my goals on January 6, 2014! Maybe I can keep 'em for real dis time.  

ANDDDDDDD......Here are the giveaway winners from the giveaway last week!

Email fashionbymariahblog@gmail.com to claim your prizes! Congrats!

$100 Nordstrom Gift Card - Nimu HP
$50 Target Gift Card - Jenny Laws Patton
$50 Bitter Root Gift Card - Jenn Haskins
$50 Bip and Bop Gift Card -  Jamie Leigh Martin


  1. Resolutions are definitely overrated. I always just say I want to be a better person. That way any small accomplishment I can be like, "Yay! Totally nailing my resolution of improving myself." It's not cheating... okay, it's cheating.

  2. Love to read your Blogs..you are such fun.
    Love you.

  3. I don't know if I count as someone you trust, but I love to cook and it's my stress relief from work, so anytime you want to bring Riggs over and cook with me I'd love to teach you some yummy and easy recipes!

    1. I would absolutely love that! You are such a great cook and of course I trust you!!!! MIss your face.

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