Basking in Our Own Magic

April 17, 2014

My family. These pictures make me weak in the knees. I can't explain in words how grateful I am for this little family of mine. This family is the greatest gift I have ever been given in my whole entire life. These people bring me so much joy. Indescribable joy. I really have never felt real joy until the moment I stood beside Hunter on my wedding day. Until the moment I was in that hospital holding Riggins for the first time. This happiness is more than I could ever put into words. These people---these people of mine are my favorite part of me. I'm sorry for the radio silence on this lil' ol' blog of mine. To be honest, I don't really have a good excuse. I guess we have just been too busy living life than finding time to write about it. I have been recording special Riggy memories in my secret journal of mine---one that Riggins can read when he is older and hopefully he can understand a small portion of how much I love him. Sometimes we just need to live life. We don't need to post about it for the world to see. We don't need Facebook or Instagram or any other form of social media to make us complete. Sometimes, we just need to enjoy the moment in our own element. 
Bask in our own magic. 


  1. What a sweet family you have!!! Love your cute family photos! We need to play soon!

  2. These are the cutest! You guys are so adorable!

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