Date Night

October 05, 2015

DATE NIGHTTTTTTTT! Ever since we moved to Nebraska, it has been difficult getting a babysitter. It's hard to think that we actually have to pay someone to watch out children so we can go pay someone else to eat & then go pay someone else to watch a movie. I mean, we used to live in Arizona right next to Hunter's parents. We could call them at 5:00p.m. on a Friday night and ask them to watch the boys. it was convenient. it was cheap. it was all around awesome. It's a little more difficult planning ahead and paying more money we don't have to someone (oh, school loans) ! But it's oh, so worth it! We had a great time this last weekend talking & laughing & celebrating our little life. 

On an unrelated note, I'm so grateful to WithChic for sending this awesome tunic for my date night. It helped alleviate the burden of the cost of date night:) This exact same top was at Zara's for a more expensive price awhile back. Check out their awesome prices and my exact tunic top here :


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