Freshly Picked Moccasins

November 28, 2016

Guys. I wish you could have heard my squeals when Freshly Picked moccasins arrived in my mailbox. Best mail day EVER! They sent me the Classic Birch moccasins to review and I can't even begin to describe the love affair I have going on with these baby shoes. They are seriously the best thing since sliced bread. I'll attempt to express the love I have for them, but just know that what I have to say will never do these moccasins justice.

Every single time I take my toddler out into public the scene always ends up looking all too familiar: shoes removed from feet and chucked across the parking lot. or grocery store aisle. or library. Really, thrown wherever we are in public. Shoes never, I mean never, stay on my little boys' feet. That's where Freshly Picked moccasins swooped in and saved my life. And literally saved his feet. I no longer have to be embarrassed when random strangers bend over to pick up the thrown shoes. I no longer have to scold my child for not keeping his shoes on. And I no longer have to search the car high and low for the who-knows-where-they-landed-this-time pair of lost shoes! He actually keeps these moccasins on all day--and can even nap in them they are so comfy! That's why I am so excited to receive these teeny tiny moccasins for my baby girl on the way! She's so lucky to have her own pair too!

Another reason I'm obsessed with Freshly Picked Moccasins is your babies love them as much or more than you do. My toddler Riggins actually requests to wear his moccasins when we go out. He loves playing with the fringe and I know they are the comfiest shoes he owns. I'm very impressed on how well they are wearing and I am positive they will be great hand-me-downs for generations to come. I also love how they are gender-neutral and can be passed down to a girl. These are great shoes for every stage--especially learning how to stand and walk.

These moccasins always seem to be a show-stopper wherever we go. Everyone will stop you and ask you where you got them! They are spotted from far away and adored by most everyone. There is something about a baby in moccasins that can really makes a person smile. And not to mention, they are timeless and go with everything. My boys wear them to church, to play in the sand and then to run at the park.

The only downside to these beautifully, handmade leather moccasins is that they are a bit pricey ($60), but honestly, worth every single penny. Quality over quantity! If you buy the right size, they can lost for over a year. I bought a pair when my boy was 6 months and he is almost 2 and still wearing them. So to sum it all up, I just love these baby moccasins with all of my heart and I recommend them to all!

 (This is a sponsored post but all thoughts are 100% my own!)


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  3. These are really cute and soft. My son had no trouble walking in them and they are true to size.

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